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Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you about new website. 1st of all I will suggest you all to go to and grab your email ID before anyone else takes it, then come again and read more about here. logo

Now you all must have registered your email ID, I hope. As because as I got to know about it I left whatever I was doing and resisted my email ID is a soon-to-be-launched portal that will be all new, all fresh, all India. It is a part of a new joint venture between the ZEE Network and They are going to provide information on Education, Cricket, Movies, Autos, and Technology & Gadgets this is what says. slogan

After I registered and open it for the first time I got to see is a fast loading, simple, no messy stuffs email first look

I will suggest for people who want to use just a so called email service. A very simple, user-friendly, fast loading interface, with limited features and very less ads (I show only one ad on right-hand side only when I was checking emails).


  • Sending and receiving emails (this is what they are mainly providing for now :p )
  • Get and make updates from/on Facebook and Twitter
  • Email filters
  • Redirect emails
  • External email
  • Block senders
  • Auto-Respond (you can reply with an auto generated email whenever you will receive an email)
  • Less ads
  • Address book
  • 1 GB email storage and increasing (this is what wrote in their email)
  • Send and receive attachments of up to 20MB
  • Queuing Attachments so you can upload conveniently in the background (I didn’t get what they are trying to say in this if any one of you understood please comment me below)
  • Auto logout (if you are not using for few minutes your account will automatically get logout)
  • Access your emails on the go (you can also use it from any mobile phone which can have access to internet)

Till now I found just one drawback is after I registered I didn’t got any confirmation email on my secondary email address and they don’t even send any confirmation email even if you change your password using forget password option.

Over all I found it a good, do comment below by telling what you think about it.

Thanks @Suhel for tip.

9 thoughts on “Register Your New E-Mail Address”

  1. Hmmm.
    I visited the site… loading…. came back, read this whole article, went back to that window… still loading. !!!!!!! Better luck next time! 🙂
    C U in 2012

  2. i got this mail to my gmail s*******
    that website is getting launched..

    but i dont have option to register in this website..

    how am i supposed to login

  3. i got an easy registration in it and have an account also connected with my fb account too…..

  4. was previously a domain of AOL sold it to zee group. Zee is using this domain name and email service only to promote themselves. If its only about domain extention then go to and have an email id which you will never use. This email service isnt reliable, it has problem with mail delivary and reception. Sometimes you are forwarded to other zee services. If you use any other domain as extention, you will have trouble with log in. Ads are in the mail. Security is crappy. If you take mailing seriously you will never use untill they improve. I am a fan of fastmail, is many light years behind fastmail.

  5. shit !!
    I wanted to log in and got:

    Account has been permanently locked. Please contact our service for more information!

    there is NO reason why they should lock it – and there IS NO SERVICE to contact !!!

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