How To Make Laptop Cooling Pad Almost For Free

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can get a free cooling pad for your laptop. If you are a students or blogger who use laptop most of the time then you should get a cooling pad for your laptop ASAP (if you don’t have any). Because when we use laptop for long it started getting hot from bottom part and when we are using it by keeping it on our lap then it can also burn our body skins, which can cause very serious issues.

So it is always recommended not to use laptop on our lap, we should always use it on a plain surface so that hit an pass by from bottom past and you can also use cooling pad which can help you to keep your laptop cool, using that you will also able to keep it on your lap if you want.

Laptop Cooling Pad Made From Cardboard

Cooling Pad Made With Laptop

Side View Of Cooling Pad Made With Laptop

In above photos Eeshan Chatterjee has made a cooling pad using cardboard and a USB fan. It almost cost him, apart from the cost of USB fan. Here is a video which will tell you how you can make one for your own using four bottle caps and a piece of cardboard.

If you have some money to spend to make one then here is video which will tell you how you can make one by putting some fans in your cooling pad.

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