What Are The Things Our Grandchildren Will Never Understand

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Today in this post I will tell and show you what our grandchildren will never understand. Every day we see something new is coming so we are slowly-slowly stopped using a things like hardly we use typewriter these days, I don’t remember if I ever send a postal mail, we don’t see pendulum clock anymore and there are many more things which we have stopped using.

And as time passes what we are currently using our grandkids might see them and I don’t think they will able to understand those things and I am sure they going to ask us how you guys have ever used and able to maintain them. Here few comics by StickyComics which will tell you what can be those which our grandkids will never understand

Things Our Grandkids Will Never Understand
Analog Clocks | Cursive Handwriting | VCRs | Newspapers

More Things Our Grandkids Will Never Understand
Writing Certain Whole Words | Cordless Phones | CDs | Sending Postcards

I think there will be landline also even this also nowadays have in very less homes. If you think few more things which should be in this list do comment below.



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