Why We Should Use Opera For Slow Internet Connection Or For Limited Data Uses

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you why you should use Opera as your primary web browser. If you have slow internet connection or have connection with limited data uses plan for your mobile devices or computer. And most of the time you cross the data uses limit and your service provider start charging you on every MB you use.

So you should change your web browser and start using Opera for your desktop computer and laptops and Opera Mini for your mobile devices. It reduces size of any website you visit up to 80%. Now when you visit a web page it will not only consume less data but also it will load faster than before. And if you start save quite enough money with it then you might able to gift something to your Girlfriend or Wife to make her happy.

Here is an ad by Opera on Opera Mini called “The Web is what I do”.

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