Email Files To Your DropBox Folder With SendToDropBox

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Today in this post I will tell you how anyone can send files to your DropBox folder. To upload files to your DropBox account we always need to add it to our DropBox folder or need to upload it through their website. But in case if you are in office and can’t access to your DropBox account but you need to send a file in it, so how will you?

So there you can simply email the files which you want to add in your DropBox with the help of SendToDropBox free service. SendToDropBox gives you a unique email address to which you can send email attachments, which you want to add in your DropBox folder. This way you will also able to send files from your mobile devices to your DropBox folder.


Just go to, connect it with your DropBox account and then it will give you a unique email address (which will be something like USER-NAME_UNIQUE-CODE@ Now you just need to email or you can ask other people to send you files through email attachments (to your SendToDropBox unique email address) and it will add them to your DropBox folder.

Incase if you think that your unique email address got into wrong hand then you can simply change it anytime. You can also ask them to save your email massage in Plain Text or HTML format. All the attachments will be added in Attachments folder inside your DropBox folder, you can customize them if you want. You will able to do them from SendToDropBox settings page.

SendToDropBox settings page

You might not able to send files which are more than 300MB as DropBox don’t allow more than that in one API calls. As it uses OAuth to connect with your DropBox account, so you don’t need to share your password with them.

For instance few people in a group working on a project and you are leading that project so you can ask your team member to email all the files to your SendToDropBox unique email address so that at the end of the day you can check all the files in your computer instead of downloading each files at a time and check them.

When I tried it in first attempt I sent two attachments in an email and new folder got created, both the attachments got download to my DropBox folder but email massage files didn’t got downloaded and all the files (even the email massage file) are appearing in my DropBox account when I viewed them from DropBox website. In second attempt I again sent two attachments and new folder got created but no files got downloaded and all the files and folders are appearing when I viewed them from DropBox website. These problems seem to be from DropBox side not from SendToDropBox side.

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