Lets You Manage Your Email Attachments

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you about Most of you must be using Gmail as your free email service, so if you get lots of emails in it and most of them come with attached files and documents in it. If you got an email with an attachment long time back, which you need it now and now when you are going to search for that attachment using Gmail search box (on top) it is very default to find, if you don’t have much info about it. logo

So here I have a solution for you. You can use, which going to help you in searching your email attachments easily. It will not only help you in searching attachments but also let you manage your attachments by tagging them with labels, you can also save your search results so if you need to find them in future you can get it with a single click, there are many more features.

Right now it is in beta stage so it is invite only service. Go to, click on Let me try it! button and submit your email ID. Soon you will get your invitation.

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