Google Redirecting Indian Visitors From BlogSpot.Com Domain To BlogSpot.In Domain

Today morning when I came online, as normal I started checking my emails, Facebook and all. So while checking my Facebook News Feed I went to a link of blogspot blog to read an article, after I visited that page I noticed that in URL it is not written instead it was

After noticing that I went through few more blogspot domain (including my old blogspot blog) all of them where getting redirect to domain. Then I went through search on this issue but couldn’t able to find anything on this. This seems it is not yet noticed by many people. So after that I opened then using US Proxy to check and I was able to view all those blog on domain and they were not getting redirect and also I was able to view them on


Which means Google will now redirect all domains to domains for all their Indian users, who will access using Indian IP address so that Google can server Indian users faster. They made cache copy of date in Indian server.

If you don’t care about your Alexa ranking then you don’t have to worry about anything because it will not affect much on your SEO, Social Media traffic or anything, as in every page rel=canonical meta data is mentioned with the value of domain. And in case if you are using a custom domain then you don’t have to worry about anything because for you nothing has changed.

Hoping that in future Google will make this thing optional that people want to keep their domain as or because many people where not very happy about it (including me). As I have many bookmarks saved in web browser which contain domain now if I visit any that page which is already bookmarked in my web browser I won’t be able to know if it is bookmarked or not, till I don’t search for it manually. And now people will also face problem with PageRank as .in domain won’t have any PageRank for now and if anyone links to there .in domain they will lose little bit of PageRank juice as Matts mentioned in one of his Google Webmaster video on their YouTube channel.