Take This Lollipop Show You Two Minutes Scary Video On Your Facebook Data

When most of us come across some Facebook application we instantly give access to our data on Facebook and don’t think twice about it. And there are many people who create apps, by which they can misuse or can sell our data. E.g.: they can sell our email address or phone number by which buyer send us SPAM email and promotional messages.

I DARE YOU - Take This Lollipop

Take This Lollipop is a scary Facebook app which will show you some fact about your Facebook privacy. When you visit that website first thing you will see a blue lollipop with a razor blade in it, then you need to click on it and it will ask for you permission to access your Facebook profile data. As you don’t think twice before giving access to other application then why think twice for this also, give access to it.

Now in that app they will show you two minutes of video which is very scary, in that video a very scary stalker (Role played by Bill Oberst Jr.) in an old scary place, logging into your Facebook account, going through your friend list, looking into your personal pictures which you have upload in your Facebook profile and got tagged into. And then he start hunting for your address in Google Maps which he got from your Facebook profile, after when he find it, he get into his car and drive it at your address.

Scary Stalker (Role Played by Bill Oberst Jr.)

If you really want to enjoy it put on your headphone else hear it in loud volume (but make sure others don’t get disturbed from high volume).

However that app don’t let you download the video but in case you want to upload it to your YouTube or Facebook account then you can simply record that video using any screen casting software (like Camtasia) or if don’t have any such software installed then you can use Screenr to record.

Red Lollipop With Facebook Icon In It