Create Polls Using GoPollGo And Get Real-Time Analytics Updates

When we get any question to ask or want to know which product or service we should go with, we always post them up on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account to get instant reply and feedback from our friends. Or if we want to take a survey by doing polls then we can simply create a poll on Facebook or use Google Docs Spreadsheet and share the link with everyone.

But using them we can’t get to everyone (with whom we didn’t share the link) so we don’t our survey result may not reach to large number of people and also using them we couldn’t able to know who are those people who are taking interest in that survey.

So to solve these problem there is an online tool called GoPollGo, GoPollGo lets you simply create polls with enough stats to understand about people who are taking interest in that poll/survey. To create poll visit GoPollGo, sign-in using your Facebook or Twitter account (they don’t provide custom sign-up form which I was looking for at the first place), click on Ask a Question (from top nav-bar) and you will get form to fill-out.

Where you can give your Title/Question of your poll, Describe your poll, add options (up-to 10), select if you want it to be public or not and click then click on Publish Poll button. If you make your poll private then only people with that poll link will able to view and interact with your polls.

People can vote, make comments on polls (or reply on someone else’s comment), number of time your poll viewed, view stats of that poll, like they will able to know voters are coming from which country, what age group voted, gender group, which web browser and OS (Operating System) they are using and from which domain they are being referred to this poll.

GoPollGo - If you could work for a startup, any startup, which one would it be

They are also support mobile website. Everything is in real-time, as someone will do a vote or make comment everything will get update in real-time. It also has Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet and Google+ +1 button so that you or voters can easily share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ respectively.

You can follow other’s account (or you can tell poll creator) and get email updates when someone comments on the poll you created, someone you follows, someone replies to your comments or when someone you follow creates a poll.

They also provide a premium service for companies and groups where they will get Branding, Mobile Branding, Supports and No Advertisements. However you can create unlimited poll with free account also but in case if you are looking for a way to do a poll for business then only you should go for their premium service.

If you have a blog or website and created a poll then you can easily embed them on your blog or website, as you can see one below. To embed simply visit the poll page you want to embed and click on Embed Poll button.

Few things which are missing in GoPollGo are, they don’t have option to add multiple selections for voting (using check boxes), they don’t let us set time limit (after how many day our poll will get expire), they don’t have a FAQs page which I think almost every website should have.