How To Create Shortcut Icon And (Keyboard) Key To Shutdown And Restart Your Computer

If you are looking for a way to create shortcut icon (or shortcut key) on your desktop or in any particular folder or you can put/pin it on your taskbar to shut down or restart your computer, so you don’t have to do two to four clicks to make your computer shut down or restart instead your you can do it with single click or by pressing couple of key from your keyboard.

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To create shortcut icon follow the below steps:-

  1. Go to your desktop or open any folder where you want to create your shortcut icon
  2. Now Right-click there in a blank space
  3. Select New –> Shortcut
  4. Right-click -- New -- Shortcut

  5. Then enter anyone of the following in the place of Type the location of the item
    • Shutdown: shutdown -s -t 0
    • Restart: shutdown -r -t 0
    • Logoff: shutdown -l -t 0

    t 0 represents time 0 seconds, if you want that it will shutdown/restart/logoff after 16 seconds of clicking on it then change 0 to 16. Remember that you can only give it in seconds and not I minutes or hours, if you want it to happen after few minutes then you will need to convert into seconds.

  6. After that click on Next button
  7. Type the location of the item

  8. Then give a file name to it so that you can understand and then click on Finish button

Now your shortcut icon is created now if you want to create shortcut key then after doing the above steps follow this tutorial to know. Now that you created your shortcut icon, you may have noticed that after creating that shortcut icon, its icon is not looking good and you may not able to find it easily if you have many icon in your desktop or in that folder. So let’s give a nice looking and user-friendly icon to it.

  1. Right-click on that icon
  2. Select Properties
  3. Then click on Choose Icon… button
  4. Select the icon you want to use and which looks similar to its function
  5. Then click on OK button and once again click on OK button
  6. Choose Icon

Now you got your nice looking shortcut icon. If you want to put/pin it on your taskbar simply just drag and drop that icon there and it will stick there.

Image credit: khalifa_