Live Clock Made From Satellite Images Of Google Earth

Till now you must have used Google Earth to see how your house looks from top and to find directions. But have you ever thought using Google Earth as digital clock? Yes, there is Google Earth Clock which will show you your current local time with satellite images from Google Earth.

Live Clock Made Using Google Earth

It picks top view images from Google Earth which has some resemblance with numerical digits and shows them as hours and minutes in five frames which auto updates and changes to new location in every few seconds. You can also interact with these clocks as you do on normal Google Earth website or software, by simply drag-drop to explore more areas around it and scroll to zoom-in and zoom-out on any area.

As it works on Google Earth platform, so you need to have Google Earth plug-in installed in your computer else you can download and install it from here. If you have slow internet connection then it may not work that well for you.

If you know any satellite images from Google Earth which resemble any numerical digits then you may also contribute it to them by giving the details here.