How To Generate And Decode Barcode Online For Free

Barcode is a computer readable data which is made of many thin and fat bars (or lines). When you went to supermarket or from shopping mall to buy something then must have noticed that salesman bring products in front a gadget from where a red light is coming by which they are actually trying to scan that product’s barcode which is printed in every product. It helps them to feed product information faster.

Google Barcode Logo

The lines you can see in above image is barcode, it must be just a simple straight bars for you but when you will try to scan it using barcode scanner it will read it Google.

Create Barcode

Now if you are also looking for a way to generate barcode with your name, brand name or make something interesting with it, then just head to Morovia website from there you will able to generate your own barcode.

Just set barcode format as code 128 and uncheck Show Human Readable Text box if you don’t want to show that word written in text format. Here is one more which is of Saket Jajodia.

Saket Jajodia - Barcode

Decode/Read Barcode

Now if you came across a barcode and want to know what is written in it then you can get a barcode scanner machine or there is a better free solution called ZXing. If the barcode is printed on a product then simply take a picture of that barcode only or you received a barcode image in your computer then simply upload it to ZXing website or you can also give a direct web URL of barcode image, e.g. Click Here to see the decoded form of above barcode.

Tip: – You can write a secrete massage something in a barcode and pass it to your love one so that s/he can only know what is written inside.