JPG.TO Is Your I’m Feeling Lucky Button For Google Image Search

When we need some images instantly, most of the time we simply land to Google Images search and start search for type of image need. For instance lets I need to make a ad poster of some baby shop ASAP so I need a image of a baby, any image will do, so I went to Google Image search and start search for baby images but as I seen lots of images of a baby, now I got confused which image to use.

Sometimes I think, as in Google Web search we have a button called I’m Feeling Lucky, it will take us to the first website/webpage from the search result of our query, same way why don’t we have one such button for Google Image and other Google search products.

Smiling Baby Image Via JPG.TO

So to fulfill this need just visit JPG.TO and type your query for images and it will return you first image for that query from Google Image search. So now you don’t have to get into confusions with lots of image results when you just need any one image.

If you are looking for more specific image from you got or just wants to have some fun with it, simply add some test before or after the URL, instead of going to JPG.TO and type your query, you can directly type your search term before (e.g.: in your address, to get random images add “r” after the URL (e.g.: every time you will refresh the page you will get a random image, to get specific image format add extension name (e.g.:, to search in a specific color add color name (e.g.: You can also combine these things using plus sign (+) to make your image result more specific and fun (e.g.:

They also lets you upload images, if a particular term got multiple images uploaded then the image which will get most vote will appear as result.