How To Convert Videos From One Format To Another With VLC Media Player

There are many desktop software and web apps to convert videos from one format to another but most of them are not free or have many limitations in it and we also need to add one more software name in our huge list of already installed software, so that we can get our videos converted. But most of you might don’t know that VLC Media Player has many built-in hidden features and one of them is video convertor.

VLC Media Player Video Convertor

Yes, our free VLC Media Player can also convert almost any videos format to many popular formats that also without any limitations and with user friendly UI (User Interface). Here let me tell you how you can convert a video from one format to another with the help of VLC Media Player:

  1. Open VLC Media Player in your computer
  2. Click on Media (from top menu bar) –> Convert / Save… or press Ctrl + R
  3. VLC - Media -- Convert-Save

  4. Under Files Selections, add videos which you would like to convert
  5. Then click on Convert / Save button
  6. VLC - Open Media - Files Selections – Convert-Save

  7. Now under Destination, Browse the folder where you would like to save that converted video (and also give a name, by what name which would like to save video in)
  8. Then select the video format in which you would like to save in
  9. Click on Start button
  10. VLC - Convertor - Start

Now it will start converting that video file into selected format. Your video can be of any size and of any length, you can convert it into 14 different audio/video formats (which includes MP4, Webm, TS, OGG, ASF, MP3, FLAC, etc.). I just faced one problem is that when I tried to convert videos into MP4 format, VLC Player was getting crashed again and again, hope they will fix this bug soon.

If you don’t want to convert full video then simply click on stop button till where you would like to convert or control the timeline to convert part of video from anywhere in middle but you will not able to see the sense while controlling timeline when video is getting converted.