How To Watch Videos In AsCii Art With VLC Media Player

If you got board of watching videos normally and want to try something new or even if you are not board then also for a change a give a try to watch videos in a different way. You one of the less known VLC Media Player feature lets you watch videos in AsCii Art mode.

VLC(Colour AsCii Art)

To watch videos in AsCii Art using VLC Media Player, here how you can:

  1. Open VLC media player in your computer
  2. From top menu select, Tools –> Preferences –> Video
  3. VLC - Tools -- Preferences

  4. Now Output from Default set it to Color ASCII art video output, then press Save button
  5. VLC - Video – Output -- Color ASCII art video output

  6. Then close VLC and again open it and play any video in it

Now your video will display AsCii Art and it might stop animation after a while, might be because of lack of memory or something like that. As when I tried it played few seconds well then after that it started getting slow then video stopped moving but the audio was playing normally without any interruption.