How To Easily Upload Video On YouTube Using DropBox

Few days back one of my clients needed to upload a video (which is produced by my team of Dzire 2 Dzine) on YouTube, but he was not able to upload it as his internet speed was very slow and he needed that video to be uploaded ASAP.

Upload Video To YouTube With DropBox

So told and suggested him to use DropBox to upload videos, let me tell you how you can also upload videos using DropBox. For this you need to have a DropBox account (and its software installed in your computer) and a YouTube account, now follow these steps

  1. Open your DopBox folder and create a new folder where you will put all the video which you want to upload
  2. Now go to DropBox Automator website, link it with your DropBox account
  3. Create a new Automation, select that folder in DropBox folder which you created in step 1
  4. DropBox Automator - Choose a folder

  5. Then go to YouTube Mobile Setup page ( –> Account Settings –> Mobile Setup)
  6. From there you will get a unique email address by which you can email videos to YouTube, copy that email address
  7. -- Account Settings -- Mobile Setup

  8. Now again back to DropBoxAutomator site, after you selected DropBox folder or subfolder, click on Next button
  9. Now scroll down, under Any file, select e-mail radio button
  10. Give that YouTube unique email address (which you copied in step 5) at the place of Receiver e-mail
  11. Then click on Add Action and then finished (from top)

Now put your video (which you want to upload) in that folder (which you created in step and selected in step 3) in DropBox folder. Like this you can upload as many videos you want, you don’t have to worry if your web browser accidentally get closed or computer got off due to power cut or internet get disconnect. As soon as your DropBox will get reconnected to the internet, it will start uploading from where it stopped.

But there are few downsides and problems, currently we can only send video up to 25 MB in file size via DropBox Automator (hope size limit will increase soon) and this might be a bug (or not, don’t know) when I tried to upload different type of file formats then DropBox Automator sent only FLV, MP4 and WMV files, it was facing problem in sending AVI and DIVX and in non-video formats it able to successfully send files like XLS, JPG, MP3, EXE, PDF, TXT, PSD, RAR.

If any of your file didn’t automate successfully then you will able know it by going to DropBox Automator website and near your actions you might see green and red circles in which some numbers are written, green circle is the number of files successfully sent and red is the number of files not sent successfully and if you want to see the files which are not sent successfully, simply click on that red circle.

After files get successfully sent and uploaded to your YouTube account, you will receive an email conformation from YouTube that they have successfully received a file and that video will be titled as Video from My Phone.

It’s a great way if you need to upload many small size videos to YouTube.