How To Upload Bulk (Multiple) Files And Documents To Google Docs Using DropBox

DropBoxAutomator is a recently launched online tool which does most of your work automatically. Likewise it also helps you in uploading files to your Google Docs account automatically. For instance you created a new account in Google and got lots of file and documents to upload to your Google Docs account.

So you can simply drag and drop it to your Google Docs page but if the files are too large and there many such file then it may take a lot to upload and till that you need to keep that browser tab/window open. But there is another work around using which you don’t have to wait for long enough, don’t need to keep any web browser open and everything will be automated.

All you need to do is connect your DropBox and Google account with DropBoxAutomator and create an automation/action, rest will be done automatically. To create

  1. Simply go to
  2. Connect it with your DropBox account by clicking Login with Dropbox button
  3. The app Wappwolf would like to connect with your Dropbox

  4. Create a new Automation, select the folder or subfolder in which all your documents/files are
  5. Then click on Upload to Google Docs radio button
  6. Now it will ask you to Connect to Google Docs
  7. After it got connected you can choose, in which Google Docs folder it will get save (if there is any)
  8. Choose an action - Upload to Google Docs

  9. Then click on Add action
  10. Now you can add more action with the same DropBox folder if you want to else click on finished

DropBoxAutomator check your DropBox folder in every few seconds so as you add a new file to your DropBox folder it will instantly add it to your Google Docs account. While setting up Upload to Google Docs action if you selected any Google Docs folder in which all your file get save and accidentally if you deleted that folder and again recreated it with same folder name then you need to again create the action also else it will show that your file are getting proceed but it is not.

After every file get proceed DropBoxAutomator will move that file to a subfolder called processed in your DropBox.