How To Control YouTube Player Playback (Timeline) Speed

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Today in this post I will tell you about YouTube Playback Speed. As we have can control the timeline speed of VLC Media Player in the same way YouTube have also added this feature in there player by which you can control playback (timeline) speed. To use this feature you need to enable YouTube HTML5 Video Player from TestTube.

After you enable YouTube HTML5 Video Player, all the videos that will be played in YouTube will be in played in HTML5 player so make sure that you are using latest version of your web browser and if you are using Internet Explorer (IE) then make sure it is IE9 not IE8 or older.

YouTube Video Player With Timeline Speed Controller

It will let you fast-forward video to 1.5x and 2x which means if you are playing a video of 4 minutes then it will over in 3 min if you selected 1.5x Speed and 2 min if you selected 2x Speed. Suppose in video some boring part have which you want to see what they are showing but you want it to end quickly also so you can choose this option.

And it will also let you slow down so that if someone is speaking very fast and you couldn’t able to understand what he is speaking then you can slow down the video speed to ½ or ¼ which means if you select ½ then 4 min video will get over in 8 min and if you select ¼ then it will get over in 16min.

If you are facing problem in using HTML5 player then you might not able to use this feature now but you can use these shortcut keys 0 to bring the timeline play head to brining and use the Left and Right arrow keys to move the timeline play head by 10% or press number 1 key to bring the timeline play head to 10% from starting, 2 to bring the timeline play head to 20%, 3 to bring the timeline play head to 30% and so on. If you have any question or problem let me know.

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