How To Check And Validate Your Website For Mobile Device With W3C MobileOK Checker

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you about W3C mobileOK Checker. If you are a website designer or developer and design or develop for Mobile devices also then you would surely like to check if it is fully W3C validated for mobile website or not.

W3C Mobile Web Initiative

W3C (a.k.a. The World Wide Web Consortium) lets you check/validate HTML, CSS, Broken Links, Feeds and it also lets you validate your website for mobiles, simply by going to It will tell you lots of things in detail.

It will tell you how much percent of website is suitable for mobile device, it will tell you about the errors in many different categories (like: Rely on Web standards, Stay away from known hazards, Check graphics and colors, Keep it small, Use the network sparingly, HTTP errors), why it’s happening, where it’s happening and you will get few more information about it which will help you in solving those errors.

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