How To Share Folders With Group Of People Using DropBox

If you are working on a project with group of people and for most of you most of the time it is not possible to be at same place at same point of time then how will you all synchronize (sync) your works with each other? Not sure, how you will, as it is not possible to share files every time we make any changes and send them to other group members using email or using any file sharing website because working like this will be too annoying.


So you can use DropBox to keep sync of all the files and documents with other team members. To sync each one of you need to have a DropBox account and its software installed in your computer, if not then do it now. After all the members installed DropBox in their computer, then one of the member from the group need to follow these steps (I will suggest team leader to do so):

  1. Open your DropBox folder
  2. Create a new folder in your DropBox folder, rename it and give your project name to that folder
  3. Right-click on that folder, select DropBox –> Share this folder…
  4. Right-click -- DropBox -- Share this folder…

  5. Now DropBox website will open in your default web browser
  6. Then you will see a popup box where it will ask you to enter names or email addresses
  7. Simply enter email address of all the team members (The email address which they are using for their DropBox account)
  8. If you want you can also add a message with it and then click on Share Folder button
  9. Share DropBox Folder With Others

Now it will send the invitation to all the email address you have given, when team member will open that email and click on invitation link they will get access to that folder, now that folder will be download in their DropBox root folder.

Everyone will have access to all the files and folder in that shared folder, they can create, view, edit, delete whenever they want, can invite other people also in that folder, they leave that folder whenever they want but only who created that folder and first shared it with other members of the team can kick out anyone from that folder, unshared the entire folder anytime s/he wants and can also transfer ownership of that shared folder to another member with other members with whom that folder is being shared.

This share folder feature really helping me to keep sync with all the files with my Dzire 2 Dzine team and I don’t have to ask them to send me files via email me or via any file sharing website, they just put the files in their DropBox folder and almost instantly it will be available in my DropBox folder.