Indian Traffic Police Joining Facebook To Make India Better

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you about Indian Traffic Police (cop). As we all know there are many rule breaker drivers who don’t care about rules made for safety of everyone and start breaking rules to Continue reading Indian Traffic Police Joining Facebook To Make India Better

See, Understand, Then Act

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today I am going to alert you on what you should tack care while doing anything online. Now a day’s every people living two types of life virtual (online) life and real (offline) life. And few of you have more than one online life (e.g.: for hide your identity or using fake identity). Specially youngsters, teenagers how spends most of their time online.

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As you all know Facebook is rapidly increasing and reached more than 500 million users. And 100 million user’s data is available to download for free all over internet. As Facebook have 500+ million users so most of you must be using Facebook (for friends, family, business or other) where you share about yourself, including your personal information.

Here are few things you should not do

1.       Don’t add people to whom you don’t know very well
2.       Don’t post anything which can harm you or anyone else (not only physically, but can be intentionally or emotionally also)
3.       Don’t give your any kind of personal information (like: your phone no., your address, your and your friend’s picturesspecially for girls” and many more other information)
4.       As I told before also Don’t go to any SCAM sites
Few easy steps to follow to save your real life can be caused by virtual life

1st See where you are, on which site you are
2nd Understand everything about it
3rd now Act but be very careful before acting
And check your privacy settings very well!!!

See the below video it, will explain you everything very Weill

Update: Few people may not able to see this videos due to Copy Rights, so I have uploaded this video in my Facebook page so to view it please Click here.

Delhi Traffic Police using Facebook to catch Law Breakers

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I will tell you how Delhi Police is taking help from Facebook page to control the traffic. As you all may know Delhi have lots of rule breaker drivers. Who ignores the red light, road crossing people, bicycles or bus lanes to make their ways.

In an official Facebook page of Delhi Traffic Police (DTP), we general public have an opportunity to register complain against rule breaking drivers without harassing our self, we just have to take the photo of the vehicle with their vehicle No. Plate and post it on DTP official page with the details (like: explanation of incidence with the photo proof, time of the incidence, where the incident held, and vehicle no. plate with the photo proof).

As 2010 Commonwealth Game (CWG) will start in the month of October, this Facebook page will help DTP a lot to manage and control Delhi traffic. Only 5,000 traffic police to manage more then 12 million people traffic… But now we general public holds hand in hand with DTP to manage traffics so that during 2010 CWG traffic should not be concerned as a huge problem. They have made 19k+ follower in Facebook page and they also have a twitter profile where they have 1,300+ followers.

What do you think, how much will it help???

Update: Please don’t post the details regarding the Delhi Traffic in comment box, Please kindly post it in DTP’s Facebook page