Indian Traffic Police Joining Facebook To Make India Better

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Today in this post I will tell you about Indian Traffic Police (cop). As we all know there are many rule breaker drivers who don’t care about rules made for safety of everyone and start breaking rules to make their own way. But it is not possible that whenever anyone breaks a cop will be there at te time of incident.

Traffic Police

So to make things easier for public who have other people breaking the rules, Delhi Traffic Police department has started with a Facebook page so that people don’t have to go to any police station to complain and people I can directly post it on their Facebook page, after seeing the success of Delhi Traffic Police Facebook page many other Traffic Police department has made a Facebook page , there are each Facebook page for many different cities/states. List follow below, join your respective city/state Facebook and Twitter page and help them to make India better.

Indian Traffic Police Facebook and Twitter Page

Ahmedabad – Facebook | Twitter
Bangalore – Facebook | Twitter
Belgaum – Facebook | Twitter
Chandigarh – Facebook | Twitter
Chennai – Facebook | Twitter
Dehradun – Facebook* | Twitter
Delhi – Facebook | Twitter
Faridabad – Facebook | Twitter
Gangtok – Facebook | Twitter
Goa – Facebook | Twitter
Gurgaon – Facebook | Twitter
Hyderabad – Facebook | Twitter
Indore – Facebook* | Twitter
Jammu & Kashmir – Facebook* | Twitter
Kolkata – Facebook | Twitter
Meerut – Facebook* | Twitter
Mumbai – Facebook* | Facebook* | Twitter
Mysore – Facebook* | Twitter
Nepal – Facebook* | Twitter
Noida – Facebook* | Twitter
Pune – Facebook | Twitter
Raipur – Facebook* | Twitter
Shillong – Facebook | Twitter

* They are not active at the time of writing this post or not official page

International (Non-Indian) Traffic Police Facebook and Twitter Page

Kathmandu, Nepal – Facebook* | Twitter
Lahore, Pakistan – Facebook | Twitter
Leicestershire, United Kingdom – Facebook | Twitter
Rawalpindi, Pakistan – Facebook | Twitter
Toronto, Canada – Facebook | Twitter

* They are not active at the time of writing this post or not official page

We just have to take the photo of the vehicle with their vehicle No. Plate and post it on their official page with the details like: explanation of incidence with the photo proof, time of the incidence, where the incident held, and vehicle no. plate with the photo proof. And with the details post it on their Facebook page wall or Tweet them.

If you know any page which is missing here or if I have mention incorrect page please let me know. If you have any question or problem let me know.

Note: – Don’t post/comment your traffic or any other Govt. related problems here or if I found any such I will not approve and delete that comment.

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