ZOHO Viewer As A Temporary Document File Hosting Service

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you about Zoho Viewer. Zoho Viewer is an online document viewer/editor/sharing service by ZOHO. Which let you upload file and view it in any web browser without installing anything in your computer. It also has a feature like Google Dcos Viewer which let you view any type of document, just by using the document link. Without requiring you to sign-up for an account.

1.       You can set expiry date after which the file will automatically get deleted from ZOHO server
2.       If you didn’t selected the Publish this document your file will get deleted as you close that window/tab
3.       You can upload file size up to 10MB
4.       Upload multiple files at a time
5.       You can upload PDF, MS Office files, OpenOffice.org file, HTML and many more
6.       You can edited the file after uploading it
7.       View file online document without downloading
8.       Embed file in your blog or website

To upload your file, go to zohoviewer.com or viewer.zoho.com and to upload multiple files at time go to www.zohoviewer.com/Upload.jsp or viewer.zoho.com/Upload.jsp.
To view online file document

Just put the following link before your Document file link.




Suppose if you are using PDF file link


Then after put the Zoho Viewer link it will become like this




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