Link YouTube Videos To A Specific Time

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell your how you can give your friends a YouTube link which will start from where you want them to see. Once it happened with me that I wanted to show a YouTube video to my friends but in that video the starting 60 seconds were boring part which I wasn’t interested to show them. So after giving the link I have to tell them to start the video from this particular time. So you don’t have to tell your friends from where to see the video here I have solution for you all.

YouTube Logo

By using this you can just send the link it will start from where you want them to see

Just after the video link you need to add #t=6m16s
For e.g.:
This is the link of your YouTube video
And you want to start the video at 0min, 36sec
Then just add #t=0m36s after the video link, like this

Now it will start exactly from 0min and 30sec.

Hope this will save your friends by seeing the introduction or boring part of that video.

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