How To Add And See Any YouTube Video In Watch Later Playlist

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can add and watch any YouTube video in Watch Later playlist. YouTube recently introduced (not officially announced till now) a new feature by which you can watch any YouTube video later by adding it in Watch Later playlist with a single click. Like whenever you are surfing on internet (not on YouTube) you show some YouTube videos embed on a webpage and you want to see them but you are busy at that moment so you won’t be able to see those videos at that moment so you can add them on Watch Later playlist.

YouTube Logo

In every YouTube embedded videos you will see a Watch later button or plus sign YouTube Watch Later Plus Sign at the bottom-right corner when you will click on them that video will get added in a special playlist called Watch Later made by YouTube in your YouTube account. But you need be logged in to your YouTube account to see that button.

Now to see those videos from that playlist you need to go to –> Account –> My Videos & Playlists –> Watch Later

YouTube Watch Later Playlist

Or you can directly go to this URL

If you are login to your YouTube account you will be able to see the Watch later button or plus sign in below embedded videos

Watch later button

Plus sign

I like this feature as some times it happens with me I am busy and can’t watch any video and I really want to watch them so instead of doing a bookmark you can add these video in Watch Later playlist so if you are not on your computer also then also you will able to watch them.

Do let me know what you think about this feature, did you find it useful and how it can help you

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