Stop Updating A Particular Feed Or Folder In FeedDemon Without Unsubscribing Them

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can stop updating a particular Feed or Folder in FeedDemon without unsubscribing them. By default FeedDemon subscribe (it’s on you, you want them or not) you to many recommended blog feeds and I have also added some to them and there some feed which don’t get update daily but still while FeedDemon check for new updates it also check in them also if there is any update or not. So I wanted FeedDemon not to check update in them regularly and I was trying to find an option by which I can make them stop getting update.

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And that option was there let me tell you how you can

  1. Open your FeedDemon
  2. Right click on Feed or Folder (which you don’t want to get update)
  3. Select Feed/Folder Properties
  4. Now a box will open
  5. Deselect Enable this feed/folder (feed(s) will no longer update if disable)
  6. Click on OK button
  7. Deselect - Enable this feed (feed will no longer update if disable)

Now that Feed or Folder will not get update till you don’t re-enable. To subscribe to all my blogs to your FeedDemon go to File –> Import/Export –> Import Feeds select Import an OPML file and copy-past this URL http://img.SJbn.Co/feeds.opml, now it will subscribe you to all my blog’s feed. If you have any question or problem let me know.

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