How You Can Block Some Specific Websites From Your Kids Using Hosts

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can block any website using HOSTS file. If you have children in your home and they wasting a lot time on websites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc? Then you must be worried about them that they are spending a lot time on internet using Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. So you can block those website you want very easily just by using a file called hosts.

Protect Your Kids From Excessive Use Of Internet

Let me tell you how

  1. Go to Start button and select Run
  2. Type the below line in Run dialog box and press OK button
  3. notepad %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

    Run dialog box

  4. Now a notepad will open
  5. Type the below line before the domain name of the website you want to block (one per line)

    For e.g.:

    HOSTS -

  7. Now save that file
  8. It may not get save directly

After you added the websites you want to block, so now you need to save that file in a specific folder

  1. Press Ctrl+S
  2. Save as dialog box will open
  3. Navigate and save that file in your My Documents
  4. In Save as type select All Files (*.*)
  5. Now click on Save button
  6. Save as type select All Files

  7. Open My Documents
  8. Remove .txt extension from that file (if you can’t see then you can click here to know how you can view extension)
  9. Now again open Run dialog box (by going to Start button)
  10. Type below lone and press OK button
  11. %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\

  12. A folder will open
  13. Now copy that hosts file from your My Documents folder
  14. And past it into that folder
  15. It will ask you to replace existing file, replace it

Hope this will help you in blocking any specific websites you want. if you have any questions or problem let me know.

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