How To Search Personalize Background Images For Your Google Homepage

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can search some good background image for your Google Homepage. As I have told you how you can set a background image in your Google homepage, now when you know that but you don’t have any good image which you want to set as you background image. So let me tell you how you can get one.

Personalized Google Homepage By @theREALmarvin - 1wgjxd
Image credit: @theREALmarvin

Simply go to, search for #mygooglepage or Google Homepage and select Realtime from left-side search navigation. And you will see many screenshots of Google Homepage (with their personalized background image) from people who have tweeted using #mygooglepage (Twitter hashtag).

Here are few Personalized Google Homepage screenshot

Personalized Google Homepage By @hanrizon - 1tyrnh
Image credit: @hanrizon

Personalized Google Homepage By @marcaum - 1virhz
Image credit: @marcaum

Personalized Google Homepage By @peweedesign - 1uzmtw
Image credit: @peweedesign

You can also save those images in your computer (Right-Click on image and select Save image as) and set it as desktop wallpaper. Do share your Personalized Google Homepage screenshot with us.

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