How To Use Google Country-Specific And Non-Country-Specific Search

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you about Google Country-Specific and non-country-Specific search ( If you not in US (United States) and when you will visit you will notice that got redirect to if you are in India, if you are in New Zealand, etc. because it gets redirect to local domain according to your IP address. So that you can get country-specific search results in local language.

Country Specific Search
Image Credit: OxyWatchdog

If you don’t want country-specific search and in local language, go to Google home page and click on “ in English” or “Go to” it is linked to (NCR stands for No Country Redirect) now they will save this changes in your browser Cookies and from now whenever you will visit it will not redirect to local domain.

Now if you want to do country-specific search in you need to add geo location parameter &gl=in in the URL of search result for e.g.: in this I have searched for my name (Saket Jajodia) and I have mention India as in, if you want to country-specific search for United States use us, for New Zealand use nz, for Pakishtan use pk, etc.

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