What You Get With Adobe Reader In Additional Download Option

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you what you get with Adobe PDF Reader. Previously when we used to download Adobe Reader from their website we used get Google Toolbar as additional download option with Adobe Reader.

Now when we go to Adobe Reader page to download it, according to labnol we get Google Chrome in option but when I visited it showed McAfee Security Scan Plus in option. It’s because he must have visited using Safari and I have visited using Google Chrome.

McAfee Security Scan Plus With Adobe Reader

So when we visit Adobe Reader download page using Chrome, Firefox or Opera we get McAfee Security Scan Plus as option, when visit using Internet Explorer we get Google Toolbar as option and when we visit from Safari then we get Google Chrome as option.

That also only Windows users get option if you visit Adobe Reader download page from Apple’s Mac iOS then you won’t get any additional download option other then Adobe Reader.

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