How Bloggers and Readers Can Enable And Disable Blogger’s Dynamic View

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can enable or disable Blogger Dynamic view. Early this year Google launched Blogger’s new dynamic view which Google recently made available to everyone to use it as their permanent blog template. Some of you might have liked the new designs and some of you might not, so let me tell how you can enable or disable Blogger’s dynamic view for your blog and even for other’s blog.

Blogger New Dynamic View

For blog owners

If you want to enable dynamic view then go to your blog’s Design settings page –> Template Designer (if you are not automatically redirected there), now from there you can select your dynamic view design you want to use.

After you have enabled dynamic view design, after few days you think you want your old design back because your reader/visitors do not like it. Then again go to your blog’s Design settings page, from top click on Revert to previous template link and you will get your old design back.

For blog reader/visitors

If you want to view your favorite blog in Blogger’s dynamic view then just add /view/ at the end there blog URL and you will able to see that blog in dynamic view.

If your favorite blog have changed their template to dynamic view and you want old template back then you need to add a perimeter at the end of the URL ?v=o and you will again able to read that blog in their old design. But note that this perimeter will not be constant, so if you go from page to another page (of same blog) again you need to add that perimeter.

Note: – Dynamic view is only available for / blogs and not for WordPress or any other blogs.

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