How To Search Definitions Of Any Word Using Google Search

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can get the definition of any word. Seems that Google have closed their separate page of Google Dictionary because by visiting its URL it is showing Google Dictionary is no longer available. massage. So if you want to search for a definition you don’t need to again start using POD (Pocket Oxford Dictionary) or any such, you can still use Google.

Google Dictionary - Google Dictionary is no longer available

Simply type Define then your word (of which you want to know the meaning) in Google Search and it will give you the definition of that word, e.g.: Define Love, Define Blog, Define Truth. With the definition of that word it will also let you hear that word pronunciation and if you want the full page info like we used to have in Google Dictionary page then simply click on More » link at the end of definition and it will give full page info.

Google Search - Define Love

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