How To Get Memorable (Easy To Remember) Mobile Phone Number

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Today in this post I will tell you how can get yourself easy to remember phone number. If you are going to get a new phone number for yourself then you would like to have an easy to remember number. So while purchasing your service provide might ask you to choose the number you would like to have or if they don’t then you can ask them to let you choose the number for yourself.

Most of us prefer to have numbers like double digit numbers (1166) or numbers in sequences (6789/9876) or odd/even numbers (2468/1357) but another nice way of choosing numbers is based on your name, city name, loved ones name or your (favorite) brand (or band) name. E.g.: Saket (72538), Jajodia (5256342), Kolkata (5655282).

Nokia C2-02 Black Mobile Phone Keypad

For instance if you want to use Vodafone as telecom service provider and you want to have your phone number whose last seven digit spells Jajodia (5256342) but that number is not available with Vodafone so you can take that phone number from another telecom service provider (who have that number available) and after 90 days use MNP to change your telecom service provider to Vodafone.

Or if you want to know what your existing number spell then there are few services which can help you,,,, and They all work in same way, you simply need enter your phone number and they will try to tell you all the words and phrases your phone number can spell. You can even use this number to remember yours friends and relatives phone number.

For instance Facebook has a number 9232232665 in India by which we (people from India) can update our Facebook status via SMS, for once that phone number may look complicated but not anymore because actually that number spell 92Facebook.

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