List Of Website With Highest Google PageRank

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you the list of top Google Page Rank websites. Few of days back Google updated there PageRank bar. Google PageRank (PR) rank webpages anywhere from 0 to 10, the higher your PageRank is the higher chances of your webpage to come top in the search result page.

Google PageRank Cartoon

Here are the webpages which have got PageRank 10, AddThis is a social sharing website and there 4 pages have got PR10, Adobe a software making company they have got 3 pages which have PR10. Generally most of the time and also have PR10 don’t know why this time they are not in this list PR10 because now they are down from 1 and they have now PR9.

I thought of making list of PR9 webpages but it was huge and it was a bit hard to collect all the PR9 link, so dropped the idea of PR9. Thanks to App-O-Trap, which helped me a lot finding these links and even they blocked me few times because of which it took me many days to write this article, anyways it really helped me.

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