Search On Google Which Movie Is Being Played Where And Show Timing

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you search movies show’s time in Google. If you are planning to go for a movie and wanting to know which movie is being played near you. For that you just need to do a simple search on Google.

For instance I want to know where Mission Impossible is being played in my hometown. So I will simply type Movie: Mission Impossible (with colon) or Movie Mission Impossible (without colon) in, for first time you will need to enter your city name and from next time whenever you will search it will remember.

Google Search - Movie- Mission Impossible

Or you can directly go to and it will show you all the movies which are being played in your city and with name of the halls in which they are being played. You can view list by Theaters or by Movies. You will able to see show timing, genres, rating, see trailers and read reviews.

Before they also used to have links to official website of movie halls or from where you can book tickets online but it seems that now they have removed it. So if you are from India then to book you can go to