With Codecademy Learning Codes Is Now Fun And Easy

Thinking of learning programming and don’t know where to start with or facing problem while learning it by watching videos on YouTube or reading long-long articles on the web? Lets Ryan and Zach will help you in this, Ryan and Zach teamed up to create Codecademy, a better and more interactive way to learn programming online by actually coding.

Codecademy - Learn To Code

Initially they will only teach you JavaScript by which you will able to do many things. The best thing about this website is you just don’t have to keep on reading and watching videos. You will learn while you are coding, at the same time. It will be fun and easy to do.

You can learn programming from Codecademy for free and without any sign-up but to keep track of your coerce you learnt their it is recommended to sign-up their free a free account. They will also give you points and badges on your achievement of what you have learnt.

Soon they will also add tutorials for Python and Ruby, so if you want to learn them you can subscribe to their weekly email on CodeYear, in which they will send you an email on every Monday, telling what’s new in this week and what coerce you should do in this week.

You have learnt something from their website now you want to do some practices and experiments then you can try it out on Codecademy Labs. In case if you happen to be a programmer, knows programming very well, want to contribute and help them then you can apply here.