How To Personalize Your AddThis Shearing Option

These days all of us read articles on many blog and websites and share or bookmark our favorite articles with our friends and followers on different social networking and bookmarking website. Almost every blog and website provides sharing options to different services and to provide bulk options to readers and visitors they use AddThis button so that their reader and visitors can share easily wherever they want.

As AddThis support more than 350 services in which you can choose where you want to share but to search your favorite social networking and bookmarking website from such a huge list, sometimes it become irritating to do if you have to do this all the time. That’s why they also provide a search option to search find your favorite service.

Share With AddThis

But it would be great and easy if we can by default see our favorite social networking and bookmarking website in one-click so we don’t have to search for them. So to do this AddThis also provide an option called Personalize Settings by which you can personalize your share options which should appear as you will click or hover over the AddThis button.

Simply go to or click/hover over any AddThis button and select Settings. Now there you can choose which services (social networking and bookmarking website) you would like to see when you will share anything using AddThis button. You can select up to 10 services, you will also able to arrange them according to your need and suitability.

AddThis Personalize Settings

If you didn’t personalize your AddThis button then by default AddThis will add the last service which you used or if you are going to use AddThis for first time then they will short the list by your geo-location. AddThis team should add drag-drop functionality in their Personalize Settings.