Share Sensitive Data Online Temporarily With OneTimeSecret

Sometimes it happens that we need to share some sensitive importations (like Password, Credit Card details, some important message, etc) with our friends and relatives online. But sometimes we can’t share them via email, IM, Facebook, etc because they get stored on their server and if accidently someone got access to our account they will get to know about.

OneTimeSecret – Temporary Share Sensitive Data Online

So to solve this problem there are many tools online by which we can share sensitive context data temporary, it means it can be viewed only for certain number of time or it will be there only for certain period. But there is another tool called OneTimeSecret, it will lets you view sensitive data one time only and it will be there for couple of days (and 30 days for paid users), if data not viewed. You will also able to lock your data with passphrase, so anyone without that unique link and Passphrase won’t be able to access your sensitive data.

To create go to enter your sensitive information, give Passphrase (optional) and then click on Create a secret link. Now share that unique/secret link with your friends and relatives and also give them the Passphrase that you have given (while generating it). You will able to get one more link by which you can track when your data got viewed. If you create an account with them then you will able directly send unique URL via email to their inbox without signing into your email account.