Convert Any File Into PDF

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I am going to tell you how you can convert any printable file to PDF file.

To convert any printable fine in PDF, 1st might you need to download two softwares (CutePDF and GPL Ghostscript). To download go to the download page by Clicking here, there in left column you will see 3 icons (as shown in below image).

Click on the 3rd icon to download both the software (recommended)
Click on the 1st cone to download only CutePDF
Click on the 2nd icon to download only GPL Ghostscript

After downloading the software, install it in your computer. Now open the file which you want to convert it into PDF and print that file or press Ctrl + P (shortcut key for printing). Now select the CutePDF Writer icon and click on Print.

Now a popup will appear, by which you can save your file in PDF navigate the folder in which you want save it then click on Save button to save it. And its DONE

Let us know if you have any problem with and what you think about it…

Search tricks you might don’t know about

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today I am going to help you in making your search results more specific result. Here are the few tips, which can help you search results. Also with the name of top 5 search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing,, and which supports the following tricks…

1.    Dictionary
All the top 5 search engine acts like an online Dictionary. If you need the definition of any word came across to you, you don’t have to use dictionary or any website you just need to use definition:   replace the with the word you are searching for.
For e.g.: definition: Computer
And Google also provide and Dictionary search engine

Supported Search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing,, and

2.    Specific file type
Most of the time we keep searching for any particular file type (like: PDF, MP3, TXT and etc) in search engine by going t each and every webpage. But now you can search it easily without going to each webpage by using filetype: replace the with the file type you are searching for and also replace the with the word(s) you are searching for.
For e.g.: filetype:pdf Search Engine Optimization

Supported Search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing,, and

3.    Calculation
Many of you might don’t know, you can use search engine and in few web browser address bar (like: Google Chrome) for calculation. Just type it as you type the digests and signs you want calculate as you type in a calculator.
For e.g.: 16*16

Supported Search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing,, and

4.    Currency conversion
Many of you need to check the T.V. or the site where you can see the current pries of any particular currency. But now you use the search engine or few web Brower address bar (like: Google Chrome)to convert your currency to the currency you want to convert. Just type the to replace the with your amount, with your currency name and replace with the currency you want to convert in.
For e.g.: 1000 INR to USD

Supported Search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing and

5.    Search within specific website
Sometime it happens that we don’t want to search all over the world, we just want to search in a particular website. Just use site: replace the with the website you want to search in (can be also use for subdomains) and also replace with the word(s) you are searching for.
For e.g.: Saket

Supported Search engines: Google,, and

6.    Current time
Sometime you need to watch an online event with the different country time zone but you don’t know what is the time in that country. But now you can just search using time replace the with the country which country time you want to know.
For e.g.: time India

Supported Search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing,, and

7.    Weather information
Have to go somewhere and want to know how will be the weather. Just search weather replace with the city you want to know.
For e.g.: Kolkata weather

Supported Search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing

8.    Website extension
Want to search in a certain type of domains (e.g.: .com for commercial use, .edu for educational use, .info for informational use and etc), just use site: replace with the type of domain you want to search and also replace with the word(s) you are looking for.
For e.g.: site:info NASA

Supported Search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing,, and

9.    Search within URL
You can search within the URL. As a blogger I use it to find new or old, you might have notice in many blog URLs the year, month and date is given. So it makes it easy to search. Just use inurl: replace the with the year, month, date or word(s) you are searching for.
For e.g.: inurl:2010/08 Search tricks

Supported Search engines: Google, Yahoo and

10.  Sunrise and sunset time
If you want to know at what time sunrise or sunset going to happen in your city, just use sunrise or sunset replace with the city you want to know.
For e.g.: sunrise Kolkata or sunset Kolkata

Supported Search engines: Google (sunrise), Google (sunset)

Hope you like this and you can also combine these tricks and make your search more accurate. And let see what combination you make and let us also know.

to your Multiply Google Account at the same time

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
As I told before Google is soon launching a new feature by which you can sign-in to multiple Google account. So, now Google have launched thes feature.

The feature by default comes off mode. By going to your Google account page you will see in the Personal Settings options there is a new settings which is Multiple sign-in setting, (if it’s not there then it will be soon available) near the Multiple Sign-in setting you will see its written Change link, click on it.

After clicking on the Change link you will be seeing Google is informing you that this is an advance feature and you can only use multiple sign-in to the following Google Product and Services.
1.       App Engine
2.       Calendar
3.       Code
4.       Gmail
5.       Reader
6.       Sites
7.       Voice
8.       Docs (Coming Soon)

When multiple sign-in get enables you will see a Drop down button at the top-right beside your email ID, by which you can switch to your one account to another intently and add your other Google accounts. You can only add up to three Google accounts. The account which you use to sign-in to another account, the 1st account will become your default account.
e.g.: you have 1st sign-in to the then using this ID you have signed in to the So, the will become your default account.

These are other some things you may need to know or you can take a help from Google Help Center.
1.       If you use any product or services which don’t support this feature, you will automatically get into your default account for that product or service.
2.       Is you once signed out from any account in any product you will automatically will signed out from all other accounts.
3.       Enabling the multiple sign-in option will Disable your Offline products like Offline Gmail and Offline Calendar, as well as any browser bookmarks you’ve set to link to your accounts.
4.       You can make it enable or disable any time by going to the multiple sign-in setting page.

To add other accounts 1st enable the multiple sign-in setting. Once you have enabled the multiple sign-in for one of your Google account. Now here how you will able to add the other accounts to your 1st accounts. Go to the product or service which supports multiple sing-in and sing-in with your account which is enabled with multiple sign-in. Now you will see a drop down button beside your email ID at the top-right click on it. Select the ID you want to switch with or select the Sign-in to another account. Now entre your ID and password of which you want to access with and click on Sign In.

Let us know what you think about it.

Play Snake game on YouTube video

Hi! Everyone, Hope you all are fine.
In this post I will tell you how you can play Snake game in YouTube video player. As those who have slow internet connection they can play snack game while their video is getting buffer or watching videos which is a quite boring, so while the boring part get ends of that video you can play Snack game on the video.

1st click on the pause button to make the video pause then just hold the Left, Up or Down arrow key (use any one of them but don’t use Right arrow key) for about 2 seconds and you will see the gray dotted lines (as in the above image) which is your snack and the single dot standing alone is your snack food. Now start playing your game. If you want to play while watching the video do the same thing just after game starts click on play button to start the video also.

Note: Game is not available in old YouTube flash player or HTML5 player, it will only available in new YouTube flash player.

And the same feature is available in Gmail, just go to Gmail Labs and enable the two options.
1.       Old Snakey
2.       Custom keyboard shortcuts

And hit & from the main page to play the snake game.

Google Earth now shows you real time Weather updates

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I will tell you how you can see the real-time weather updates in Google Earth. In the latest version of Google Earth 5.2 you can able to view the real-time rain and snow in the certain part of the world.

Just by enabling the cloud layer by going to the layers panel (see in 3rd image of the post) and now zoom it to the location where it’s raining or snowing. Currently Google Earth displays some area in North America and Europe. And to see where actually the rain and snow new feature displays, just enable the radar layer by going to the layers panel (see in 3rd image of the post).

Keep your Important window Always on Top

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I will help you in keeping your one window on top of the other window you are working on.

Think when you are watching a video in a player (let’s take VLC media player) and also working on word or surfing on the internet in maximized mode. So, when you are watching the video and switch to the browser the VLC media player disappears as it went back, behind the browser.

So what you do when you are watching the video and also suffering on internet or working on word???
Possible solution can be:-
1.       Keep on switching the windows.
2.       Resize the window size.
3.       Or do one work at a time.

But now you don’t have to do all this, let see what is the solution to keep the player (or any other window) on top of the other, even after switching the one window to other.

Surfing on the internet but the player is always on the top.

Working on the MS Excel but the Calculator is always on the top.

1st download Always on Top utility, Click here (<200 kb).
Its free utility written in Autohotkey which will stick the any program window to the foreground (on top) of your desktop.

After downloading open the zip file in to your computer

Now run the always-on-top.exe file.

Now select the window you want to keep on top (like in upper example VLC media player window will get selected), after selecting the window press Ctrl + Space Bar this is the shortcut key to stick the window to the foreground of your desktop. Now wherever you want to keep that window in your screen you can keep it, it will come on top of every window. And do all your work without letting hide the other window.

And if you want to disable it press the same shortcut key Ctrl + Space Bar this will disable the sticking.

Thanks to Amit from Digital Inspiration.

Tip: you can also keep more then one window on the top by selecting each window at a time and press Ctrl + Space Bar respectively.

Working on the MS word but keeping the three different window always on the top.