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Subscribe To Microsoft Download Center RSS Feed To Get Updates About New Software

Microsoft releases many new software and updates for old once almost daily and it is not possible for one to find all the new software and updates they releases everyday on Read more →

OhLife Helps You To Write Your Personal Diary Regularly And Keep It Secret

If you are a type of person who everyday writes about yourself, your daily experience, how your whole gone in your private diary, just to keep your memories alive. But Read more →

How To Test Your Webpage Design Online For Free With PasteHTML

If you are a web designer or just started learning web designing then you would like test the webpage online that you just made. There are many ways you can test a webpage, Read more →

How You Can Remove Password From Your Password Protected PDF Document

If you need to send a PDF document to one of your friend but it is password protected and you can’t want to tell him your password or if you have many documents which are password protected and Read more →

How To Test Your Website In Different Country Using Different Web Browsers

When we design a new blog/website or make any changes in our current blog/website then you would always like to check if it is working properly in every web browser and from different-different places Read more →

Check How Accurate Your Computer Clock Time Is

Time.Is is a website where they tell that they show the world’s most accurate web time in the world. They don’t use your local computer time to show the current time, Read more →

JPG.TO Is Your I’m Feeling Lucky Button For Google Image Search

When we need some images instantly, most of the time we simply land to Google Images search and start search for type of image need. For instance lets I need to make a ad poster of some baby shop ASAP Read more →

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