Subscribe To Microsoft Download Center RSS Feed To Get Updates About New Software

Microsoft releases many new software and updates for old once almost daily and it is not possible for one to find all the new software and updates they releases everyday on their website.

So if you want to know when Microsoft release a new software or any new update for their software which already released then Microsoft provides a RSS feed which you can subscribe to, so that you can get to know as soon as they release something new.

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Previously they used to provide email notification but then they don’t used to provide RSS. And now they provide updates via RSS but to get email notification you need to have an account in MSN website.

So if you want to subscribe to their RSS updates then visit their Download Center page, they have made RSS feed in many different categories so you can easily choose the one you are interested in. But in case if you are looking for updates notification via email but don’t have an account in MSN website or don’t want to use that account then I have setup three FeedBurner feeds (given below) from their RSS feed so that you can easily subscribe to their updates via email.

All Windows Products & Downloads | All Office Products & Downloads | All Downloads

I found these three updates will be wanted by most of the people so I made these three only. If you want email updates for any others feed then you can tryout yourself by setting up one. It may also help you in finding new software and writing reviews about it on your blog or website.