How To Test Your Website In Different Country Using Different Web Browsers

When we design a new blog/website or make any changes in our current blog/website then you would always like to check if it is working properly in every web browser and from different-different places. There are many ways by which we can test our website in different web browsers. But most on them test your website from one location only, so incase if you want to know how your website will look for other people in different country.

Loads.In is a service which allows you to do so, they lets you check your website from more than 50 different locations, all around the world. With location they also let you choose the type of web browser you would like to test in, for instance if you want to test your website from Mumbai, India in Google Chrome web browser.

Test Your Website In Different Location And In Different Web Browser Using Loads.In

Simply go to Loads.In, type your website (or webpage) URL you would like to check, then click on GO button and after first try you will get the option to chose the location and web browser.

They will also show you five different screenshots taken at different point of time while your webpage was loading, so you can know how things are getting loaded on those web browsers. You can also see how all the element got loaded using Waterfall chart and can also download it as HAR of that webpage.

If a particular website (their sub pages and sub domains) has been tested in Loads.In website before also then you will able to view them by typing the domain name before Loads.In. For instance if your domain name is then type in your address bar.

Thanks Raju PP for the tip.