Invisible Mouse

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you about a project done by Pranav Mistry (Research Assistant and PhD candidate at the MIT Fluid Interfaces Group). Pranav Mistry made a mouse which is not only wireless but also Mouseless, which means there is NO MOUSE which you can touch. He calls it Invisible Computer Mouse.

It works on infrared (IR) laser beam and IR camera, which help to detect your hand position and actions. You just need to make your hand as cupped shape which pretends you are handling a mouse in your hand and IR laser beam and camera will detect your movement and clicks.

It is now a research project so we won’t get try to it, till it won’t come out for commercial use. On this project as Pranav Mistry said it only cost $20. So when it come mass production for commercial use it can be cheaper.

Here is a video of Invisible Computer Mouse

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