Get Instant Video Preview In Google Search Result Page

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Today in this post I will tell you about video preview in Google search results. When you are search for an original music video sense you will get lots of videos decorated and lyrics inside video sense but sometimes it become hard to get original music video sense. Because most the time we can’t judge video with one screenshot so we need to first at list buffer 5-10 seconds of video then we get to know it is the one or now.

Google Instant Video Preview In Search Result Page

But last month Google added a new feature in their search result page where you can view four previews from middle of those videos which appeared in search results from Google search result page.

Just click on magnifying glass icon beside the video results and you will able to view the preview of those videos. As it is video there should be audio also but by default Google kept sound off so that other don’t get disturb by unwanted noise if you are in a place like Office or School. You can turn on the sound by click on speaker icon on top.

This feature is now only works in and if you search using or any other then you may not see this feature.

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