Cleanup Your Old Feeds In FeedDemon

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can delete your old feeds in FeedDemon. As FeedDemon always check for new updates in subscribed feeds to keep you up-to-date but after few days when FeedDemon gets lots of feeds and when you read any feed, it happen that FeedDemon start getting hang, even after you have read all the old feeds.

It happen because FeedDemon store all the feeds in your computer so that in future if you need any of them you can search in FeedDemon and you don’t have to search it all over the internet.

Cleanup Wizard - What your you like to cleanup

But the feeds which are older than 2-3 weeks are less useful so those need to be removed. So to remove those open your FeedDemon go to Tools –> Cleanup Wizard and from there set according to you how old, what type of and which articles you want to remove and then press OK button. Now FeedDemon will remove all the articles according to that.

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