How To Access Gmail, Google Calendar And Google Docs Offline With Google Chrome

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can access your data Google offline. There used to be a feature in Gmail, Google Calendar and in Google Docs by which we could able to access them without internet connection with the help of Google Gears. And this used to work with every web browser but for a while Google taken this feature down and as promised they came back with the support of only one web browser, their own Google Chrome.

Offline Google Mail, Calendar and Docs

Now you can again have access to your data in Gmail, Google Calendar and in Google Docs without internet connection. To use you need to install three extensions one for each (for Gmail, Calendar and Docs). Unlike before it supports multiple offline account access also for Gmail and Google Apps users. For Gmail they have used their tablet interface.

After you install the extensions you need to enable offline mode for Google Calendar and Google Docs by going to their page, click on settings icon (from top-right corner), then click on Offline and allow it to access offline. And for Gmail click on the Offline Gmail Extension icon from new tab and they will ask you if you want to access Gmail offline or not.

Down sides:

  1. More extensions we install in our web browser, it become heavy and increases chances of getting hang and crash of browser especially in Chrome
  2. We can’t access them in other web browser till someone don’t release Add-On/extension for other web browsers and for sure Google officially won’t do
  3. There interface didn’t work that good for me, I have to click more than once every time and response time is also very slow

If you really need to access your data offline then only use otherwise I won’t suggest you to use. Or you can use Email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. to access your email offline.

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