How To Disable And Enable Blogger’s New Image Lightbox View

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can disable/enable Blogger image lightbox. This year in mid September Google added a new feature in Blogger called Lightbox View, which let your readers/visitors view images in an image viewer.

If your post have multiple images then, when user will open lightbox by clicking on the image they will able to navigate from one image to the another using left/right arrow key without closing lightbox and Esc key to close it.

my light box setup

To enable go to settings page of your blog then click on Post and comments (in new Blogger UI) or Formatting (in old Blogger UI), then select Yes/No from Showcase images with Lightbox option and then click on Save Settings button.

In new Blogger User Interface
In new Blogger User Interface

In old Blogger User Interface
In old Blogger User Interface

Make sure that you link the image URL to the image, so that when user clicks on image they will able to view it. If you didn’t like the Blogger’s lightbox then I have one more lightbox which you can use in Blogger blog, click here to know. If you have any question or problem let me know.

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