How To Search For The Flights In Google Search

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can search for flights timing in Google Search. If you got an instant meeting in Delhi and you live in Kolkata then you need to see which are the flights available and at what time so that you can attend them on time. But to check the flight timing on website like ClearTrip, Yatra, etc. is like hell because they take so much time to show the results.

So as always there you have a better option called Google, yes now Google lets you search for the flights timing and how long will it take to reach your destination. Simply go to and type the place from where to where you want e.g. I am in Kolkata and I want to know the timing for the flight to Delhi so I will type Kolkata to Delhi and it will show me the results which all flights are available, at which time and how long will it take to reach.

Google Search Flights - Kolkata to Delhi

They will also give links to the some of the official websites but you need to again make a search on their official website to know more about the ticket, pricing, booking and all, they don’t give directly link to the page where they have all the details of what you are looking for.

And if you are going to travel from one city to another city in US then you can get many features apart from this, to search for you a right flight to travel. There is a separate search page called Google Flights where you will able to select the city name from the drop-down or you can even use the Google Maps (given below the drop-down option) to select the place for your trip, if you want you can make multiple selection, then you will able to set the Depart date and Return date with calendar and price chart which will help you to select the chipset and best flight for you.

Once you have selected the flight you want to travel in you will able to directly go to the book of the official website and the interesting part is those links are labeled as ads and from which airlines they are not being paid through ads they don’t give direct link to booking page, they give link to their homepage and again you need to make search on their official website.

Google Flights Search

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