Share Your Last Words After You Pass Away With If I Die

Have you ever thought of what will be your last word and how will you know that now it’s time to say your last word? No one knows that but might know that what you want to say before you are going to die and you also might also want to tell your friends on Facebook about your death and the word you would like to tell them before you die.

If I Die is an application on Facebook where you can record a video or leave a text message as your last word and select three or more trustees who will going to report about your death, all three of them need to report about your death then only your last will get posted on your wall/timeline else it will be waiting for the confirmations message.

When you will invite your friends and relatives to become your trustees it will send them a request to asking if they want to become your trustees or not if they accept that request then only they can report about your death. And if any of your trustees reported that you passed away, then you will receive an email (ID mentioned on your Facebook account) about the confirmations of the report that you have passed away.

You can record up to five minutes of video or if you want you can upload your five minutes of video from your computer (they support the various formats, WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, etc.) and you can also add text message if you want. In future if you like to change your last words you may able to do that anytime.

There is a similar web application which lets you share your will/password after your death with trusted people.