Register Your New E-Mail Address

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you about new website. 1st of all I will suggest you all to go to and grab your email ID before anyone else takes it, then come again and read more about here. logo

Now you all must have registered your email ID, I hope. As because as I got to know about it I left whatever I was doing and resisted my email ID is a soon-to-be-launched portal that will be all new, all fresh, all India. It is a part of a new joint venture between the ZEE Network and They are going to provide information on Education, Cricket, Movies, Autos, and Technology & Gadgets this is what says. slogan

After I registered and open it for the first time I got to see is a fast loading, simple, no messy stuffs email first look

I will suggest for people who want to use just a so called email service. A very simple, user-friendly, fast loading interface, with limited features and very less ads (I show only one ad on right-hand side only when I was checking emails).


  • Sending and receiving emails (this is what they are mainly providing for now :p )
  • Get and make updates from/on Facebook and Twitter
  • Email filters
  • Redirect emails
  • External email
  • Block senders
  • Auto-Respond (you can reply with an auto generated email whenever you will receive an email)
  • Less ads
  • Address book
  • 1 GB email storage and increasing (this is what wrote in their email)
  • Send and receive attachments of up to 20MB
  • Queuing Attachments so you can upload conveniently in the background (I didn’t get what they are trying to say in this if any one of you understood please comment me below)
  • Auto logout (if you are not using for few minutes your account will automatically get logout)
  • Access your emails on the go (you can also use it from any mobile phone which can have access to internet)

Till now I found just one drawback is after I registered I didn’t got any confirmation email on my secondary email address and they don’t even send any confirmation email even if you change your password using forget password option.

Over all I found it a good, do comment below by telling what you think about it.

Thanks @Suhel for tip.

Make Video Conference Using Skype For Free

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can make conference using Skype. Skype have recently launched their new version. With the latest version of Skype you will able to make conference for free. It means now you can call up to more than one person at a time.

Skype Group Video Calling

To make the conference call you need a Skype’s latest version software and a Skype account. And then make a call to anyone then add more people by dragging them in to it or by clicking on Add people button.

Skype Calling Bar

To download and install latest version of Skype Click here. And to signup open Skype application on your PC and click on Don’t have a Skype name? link.

How To Host Files On

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can host files using 110MB allows you to host total 110MB of files, you will get 100GB bandwidth, you will able to edit any HTML, PHP and many other type of files online, and the main thing you will able manage your files easily. logo

Let see how you can host

  1. Go to
  2. Signup for an account (if you have an your account then skip to step  7)
  3. Click on Get a FREE ACCOUNT BUTTON (at the bottom-left corner of the page)
  4. GET A FREE ACCOUNT button

  5. Fill the form according to you and click on Create My Account Now!
  6. Fill the form according to you and click on Create My Account Now!

  7. Now verify your account by going to your email account (of which you have given while registration) also check your spam folder if you can’t find the mail
  8. While verifying your account they will ask fill a form (you need to fill that form)
  9. After you verify your account go to and login to your account
  10. Now click on File Manager image under SITE MANAGMENT TOOLS
  11. File Manager image under SITE MANAGMENT TOOLS

  12. Select Upload files –> Choose Files
  13. Now navigate and select the you want upload
  14. Then click on Upload button
  15. 110MB File Manager

Now your file is uploaded and the URL of the file will be

If you want to ask anything or have any problems do let me know.

Put Your Twitter Following And Follower’s Avatar On Your’s Twitter Profile Background Using Twilk

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine and your weekend gone good.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can put your Twitter Following and Followers on your Twitter background. Twlik is a web application which helps you to create background with the avatars of your Following and Followers with few clicks.

Twilk Twitter Background Logo

Let see how you can

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Get Started » button
  3. Twilk Get Started » Button

  4. Now it will take you to Twitter page to get access to your account (if you are not login Twitter will ask you to login)
  5. Click on Allow button
  6. Twitter Allow button

  7. Now select the settings according to you
  8. After you make your settings according to you click on Preview These Settings button
  9. Twilk Settings Page

  10. It make take few minutes according to how many Following and Followers you have
  11. Then you will see the preview of your background how your background will exactly look like
  12. Click on USE BACKGROUND button

Now go and see your Twitter profile background is changed with your Following and Followers avatars of your Twitter account.

If you want to remove your Following/Followers avatars from background go to –> Settings –> Design and select a new background you want and click on save changes button.

Get An Invitation Of Quora

Hi! Everyone, hope you are fine and having fun.
If you have any quire, problems or want to ask anything do let me know by posting on my Facebook Pages wall, by Tweeting me @Jajodia_Saket or by emailing admin[AT]SJbn[DOT]Co. Now coming to the point I am writing this post is, as I announce last week that my blog have completed its 6 months and now have started accepting guest post also and today I am going to give a giveaway type of to all of you. In giveaway I will be giving an Invite to Quora.


Quora was founded in April 2009 by Adam D’Angelo, who was previously CTO and VP of engineering at Facebook, and Charlie Cheever, who led Facebook Connect and Facebook Platform. Quora is privately held and funded by Benchmark Capital, and is based in Palo Alto, CA.

It is a collection of questions and answers. You can add, created, edited, and organized questions and answers. You can also categorize questions by adding topics to them, summarize answers on a question page, and edit any question or summary. Duplicate questions and topics are unified so that the content on the site keeps getting better instead of getting fragmented. Users can follow questions, topics and people, which create a stream of relevant questions and answers for each user. The site is closely monitored and maintained by its users so the quality of questions and answers stays high.

Founder and CEO Adam D’Angelo said:

“Our belief is that more than 90% of the information people want to know is still not available on the web in a format that’s easy for them to quickly understand,”

“People really want to share their knowledge with others, and we’re building a system for everyone to do that much more easily and efficiently than they have ever been able to.”

So if you want to have the invitation of Quora just make a comment below with the reason why you want this Invitation. And don’t forget to give your correct email ID at the place of Mail (your email ID will not be published) so I can send you invitation on that.

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And share this post with everyone so they can also join Quora and enjoy with you.

Protect Your Files From Printing Useless Files Using WWF

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can protect your PDF files from letting it get print and also by helping in save some papers. There is an organization called WWF who came up with a great idea to save the trees, wild life and our environment. So if you have your colleagues, friends or family members who print useless emails, documents and other such stuffs sent by you, then you can prevent your file from letting them to get it print.

WWF origination made a new file format called .WWF which is similar to PDF just with a difference which is you won’t be able to print that file. Anyone can view that file in any PDF reader but with the printing option disable.

Here how you can save files in .WWF
1.       Go to
2.       Download the software (available for Windows and Mac)
3.       Now install that software in your PC
4.       After it get install it will ask you to restart your PC once
5.       Now if you want to save any file in .WWF
6.       Just use print option (Ctrl + P)
7.       You will see a new printer name have came in your printing option
8.       Select SAVE AS WWF
9.       Then click OK button

10.   Now it will ask you to save the file
11.   Just save it wherever you want
12.   It may take few seconds to get save

And now you can view or send that file in anyone you want. It can be viewed in any PDF reader and it can be also viewed in Google Chrome browser. But to the person whom you are sending this file don’t have this software install then you can change the WWF file extension from .WWF to .PDF now they will also won’t understand that this file can’t get print.

Note: – When you save file in .WWF that software will add a extra page in the last which tells about WWF origination and spread the awareness about environment (see the below image to see how that last page look like).
And also before you save it in .WWF and closing it, just save copy with you in its original format otherwise you may not able to edit that file in future.

To know more about it Click here

Here is a small video from WWF origination

If you are having problem in viewing the videos Click here.

Do share this with your colleagues, friends, family and everyone else. So they can also get aware about it save paper.
And also do tell us what you think about it.

How To Host Files On Google Code

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can host files in Google code. As few my reader asked me how they can host files in Google code to so that they can create Playlist using JW Player (about creating playlist I will tell in next post) here is how you can. And hosting files in Google code not only help you in creating playlist for JW Player or any just it can also help you in many other ways like, hosting JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and many more. This can help you in blog also.

Here how you can create a project where you will host your file(s)
1.       Go to
2.       At the bottom click on Create a new project
3.       Now fill the form accordingly
4.       After filling the form click on Create project button

Now your project is made where you can host your file(s)

Here how you can host your files
1.       Go to your project
i)        Go to
ii)       At the top-right corner of the page click on My favorites
iii)     Now select the project in which you want to host your file(s)

2.       Click on Downloads tab
3.       Then click on New download
4.       Fill the form accordingly and attach the file you want to host
5.       Then click on Submit file button

Now your file is hosted on Google code

Here how you can get the link of hosted file
1.       Go to the project where you have hosted the file
i)        Go to
ii)       At the top-right corner of the page click on My favorites
iii)     Now select the project in which you want to host your file(s)

2.       Click on Downloads tab
3.       Now right lick on the download icon (beside the file of which you want the link)
4.       Now select
i)        Chrome : Copy link address
ii)       Epic/FireFox : Copy Link Location
iii)     Internet Explorer : Copy Shortcut
iv)     Opera : Copy Link Address
v)      Safari : Copy Link

5.       Now use that link copied link wherever/however you want
If you have any suggestion or want to tell anything let me know